End-of-Life Policy & Procedure

End-of-Life Policy

This statement only applies to WiseChip’s OLED Solutions (The related OLED products).
WiseChip (WSI) is dedicated to providing the top quality and reliable products for our values customers. To ensure that our product can keep meeting market demand and adopting forward-looking technology, WiseChip may periodically announce to cease the production of obsolete models. Therefore, WiseChip realizes the discontinuation of models may create certain difficulties for its customers the following End Of Life or EOL Procedure has been created to inform customers of WiseChip’s process regarding such models. This document states the policy of ,WiseChip End-of-Life (EOL) Procedure for customer can understand WiseChip’s process.

EOL Procedure

Subdivided into several clearly defined stages the following procedure should enable customers to fully understand what is involved in the EOL process.

Stage 1 - Product Review
Internal process only. Process of 2 month duration where models proposed for discontinuation are put forward for EOL internal reviews. After review models placed on EOL list.

Stage 2 - Pre-notification
Internal process only. Process of 2 month duration. Formal internal EOL process initiated. Internal reviews of present stock, new orders and replacement models.

Stage 3 - EOL Notification
Formal external announcement of EOL models including website notification. 6 month period provided where new customer orders for model production still can be accepted.。

Stage 4 - Last Production
The beginning of this state defines the time when last orders can be accepted for new model production. After the beginning of this stage no further orders can be accepted. During this 6 month period last orders will be produced and dispatched and related information regarding the EOL model removed and put in order.

Stage 5 - EOL Complete

The final stage where the EOL process is completed. Formal website notice will be given that the device in question has reached end of life status and listed as discontinued products.

Wisechip is honestly thanking you for your understanding on the matter, and appreciating your kind support and cooperation in the past time.
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