Environmental Safety Policy

Environmental Safety Policy

Wise Chip Semiconductor Inc.

WiseChip Semiconductor Inc. is a professional company that designs and manufactures OEL(Organic Light Emitting Diode). Inorder to meet our social responsibilities in preventing and lowering environmental impact caused by the manufacturing process, this company will devote itself to the promotion of an environmental control system that conforms to the standards of ISO14001, and is committe to the following policies:

Four policy

Commitment and enforcement for continual improvement
Comply with E.S.H Protection and regulations
Constructing a green earth with eco-design program and Green products
Creating human nature surroundings

ISO14001:2015 ISO45001:2018

WiseChip Conflict Minerals Policy
  • As a good corporate citizen, WiseChip shall bear its social responsibility, respect the human rights, pay close attention to conflict minerals issues continuously, and make efforts to examine its supply chain with diligence to assure the metals sources of, including but not limited to, tantalum (Ta), tin (Sn),tungsten (W) , gold (Au), Cobalt( Co).
  • Request its suppliers to refuse to use conflict minerals from the conflict and including the requirements of this code.  
  • WiseChip corporates with the conflict-free smelter program to conduct the investigation of the mineral source of our supply chain.