Human Resources

Salaries and Benefits

Salaries and Benefits

WiseChip Semiconductor Inc. seek to realize its human-centered mission, and proactively constructs a benefit system that conforms to the needs of employees.

WiseChip Semiconductor Inc. focuses on people, relies on people, cares for people, understands people, and respects people - this people-centered culture creates an excellent environment that takes care of both work and life, and will bring more vitality and growth; the pursuit of work achievement and a happy life.

Salaries and benefits
  1. Salary better than the averages in the business:
    The company pays various bonuses and awards based on operation conditions.
  2. Leaves better than the Labor Standard Law:
    Provides vacations better than the Labor Standard Law for new employees.
  3. Helpful insurance:
    Other than the legally stipulated labor insurance and health insurance, free group insurance and business travel insurance are provided.
  4. Employee health care:
    Regular health check-ups for employees, care for employee health at all times, protecting the health of employees.
    The company also has a "Baby Lunchbox Station" for nursing employees.
  5. Diverse meals are provided and there are meal subsidies from the company:
    Each meal at the company is subsidized; lunch includes rice and noodles, there are also dinner and midnight snacks, as well as light breakfasts.

WiseChip employee benefits

  1. Gift certificates for the three major holidays and birthdays.
  2. Various benefits: subsidies for weddings, births, funerals, injuries and illnesses relating to work.
  3. Specials at over 300 commissioned stores.
  4. Various activities: ball sports, club activities, movie screenings, employee travel.
  5. Clubs: an employee co-op, bicycling club, and bead-work club.
  6. Free coffee.
  7. Vendors and bulk discount services.
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Annual Banquet
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