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Dear WiseChip Partners,

A Happy Lunar New Year to You!

It is time for rabbits to dominate this year. May you have a bunch of carrots all year around. WiseChip wishes the merriest of the Lunar New Year to you and your loved ones, and we wish you happiness and prosperity in the year ahead.

WiseChip deeply appreciates your supports and praises for the past year, and therefore we soar into a worldwide leader of the success of the PM OLED display. WiseChip's success is largely thanks to the excellent synergy it has won with world-class customers in a global marketplace. Moreover, WiseChip has experienced distributors in world-wide and professional R&D teams are the best choice for all kind of customers.
For many of its global customers, WiseChip has established long-term relationships and garnered repeat business thanks to its ongoing product evolution for all display technology solutions, including PM OLED and Touch Panel. This year of Centennial Celebration is the proudest of the year for WiseChip comes into being Top 1 manufacturer of PM OLED market in 2010. As the splendid brand, the company, WiseChip, is going continuing to boost product competitive by innovative design to focus application areas, and execute a through expand of its business model to achieve being a leader in the display industry.

Notice of shipment arrangement for the Lunar New Year Holiday.

WiseChip will be holiday from February 2, New Year's Eve, to February 8. After the long Lunar New Year Holiday, the factory will be resumed to work on February 8. During the Lunar New Year Holiday all operations will be suspended. We're kindly to remind all customers and suppliers to pay attention to if have any production operation will be affected during the holiday. The following is the shipment schedule for the Lunar New Year holiday. If you have any question about above, please contact us here:MKT@wisechip.com.tw
  • Last shipping date:February 1, 2011.
  • First shipping date:February 8, 2011.

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1、The notification of product substitute
2、New Product Instruction – Character Type OLED
3、New generation of monochrome OLED advantage

1、The notification of product substitute
As WiseChip dedicate to provide our customers with long-term stability and high-performance of competitive products and is designed to enrich the viewer experience.
WiseChip announced the replacement of full-color product, 1.69 inch which model name is UG-6028GDEBF02 are being substituted for UG-6028GDEBF01 since the fourth quarter of 2010. In the meanwhile, WiseChip has already informed customer who had bought this model, UG-6028GDEBF01, to makes a complete replacement process, and takes the initiative of making the best service of replacement for customers. WiseChip have professional and sophisticated R&D teams which we serve customer a complete both software and hardware technologic instruction and support directly. Undoubtedly, customer can easily adopt the inheritable model, UG-6028GDEBF02, to application device, so that assures customer can be scheduled on time for mass production. More above the question about the product substitute, we welcome you contact with our sales representatives.

The table of difference between UG-6028GDEBF01 and UG-6028GDEBF02:

Difference Difference UG-6028GDEBF01 UG-6028GDEBF02
Component Polarizer Purple Black
Mechanical Dimension Thickness 1.67mm 1.6mm
Electricity Initial setting - Need to Alter
Electricity Circuit - Same
Display Quality Contrast Ratio >1000:1 >10,000:1
Display Quality Brightness 100 80

PS:Brightness depends on turn on pixel quantity.

2、New Product Instruction – Character Type OLED
(1) Introduction – Character Type OLED

Hsinchu, Taiwan – WiseChip, the leader in the world-wide PM OLED market, is proud to unveil that Character type OLED provides both COG and PCB solutions which can be inherited and completely compatible with the existing Character type LCD and VFD modules. WiseChip has created the package with best-in-class COG type for the advanced Character type OLED solution to enable customers to instantly stream the industry. The following are icons for both COG and PCB types of a high-performance Character Type OLED.

UC-1602ASYCG01:16x2, Yellow, COG.

UC-1602ASWCG01:16x2, White, COG.

UC-1602ASYCG10:16x2, Yellow, PCB.

UC-1602ASWCG10:16x2, White, PCB

WiseChip unveils the innovative Character type OLED with COG (Chip on Glass) package which is available for mass production since the fourth quarter of 2010 year. WiseChip offers that accelerates time-to-market and reduce cost with advanced technologies that include:
  1. The Integration of single Driver IC built-in font library to display:English, Numerals, Japan, Western Europe, Russia, Turkey, Vietnam and the European languages.
  2. WiseChip presents a variety of design interface solution, for instance, in terms of hardware, it can be performed completely forward compatible with all existing Character type LCM – mechanical and pin-compatible. As for software, it is completely compatible with the existing LCM. We provides variant flexible options such as 4-/8-bit 6800/8080 Parallel, Serial Interface and I2C, which can benefit our customers to easily adapt from their LCM to our OLED.
  3. The Character type OLED with COG package of its production quality and high stability can improve the yield rate profitably.
  4. The trend of environmental awareness is springing up over the world, the innovative design of Character type OLED can be massed production, meanwhile, customer device benefited greatly by this saving power consumption and showed off the superb display quality.
(2) Main Market and Application.
  1. Industrial:Meter, Equipment, PC Server, POS. (Widely Operation Temperature:-40 ~ 85°C)
  2. Consumer:Bule-ray DVD Player, Digital Audio Broadcasting, STB, Portable Device.
  3. Communication:Router, Switch, Network Equipment.
  4. PC Peripheral:Storage、MFP、Input Device.
  5. Medical:Medical Equipment/Monitor、Portable Measuring.
  6. Automotive:Dashboard、Stereo、Centre Control、Accessory.
(3) The comparison table of Character Type.

Character 16x2 Feature Unit OLED (COG) STN LCD VFD
Display Driving Voltage (V) 12 12 30
Power Consumption @Full Turn-on (mW) 384 500 680
Power Consumption @30% Turn-on (mW) ~120 500 680
Operating Temperature Range (℃) -40 ~ 85°C 0 ~ 60°C -40 ~ 85°C
Luminance @16*02 Size (nits) 150 100 350~500
View Angle ( ° ) Free 90 >160
Dark Room Contrast Ratio   10,000 : 1 10 : 1 10,000 : 1
Module Weight (g) 27.1 70 130
Same mounting hole as LCD   Yes Yes Yes
Build in Fonts ROM   Yes Yes Yes
Life Time to half brightness (hrs) 50,000 50,000(LED) 50,000

(4)Advantage and Opportunity of Character Type OLED.

(a) Advantage
1. COG Type, its lead-time is better than TCP Type.
2. A real Green Display, Low Power Consumption.
3. High Picture Quality:High contrast ratio and High-speed response.
4. Free viewing angle.
5. Easy to adopt and debug.
6. Thin, Light and Durable

1. Lowe contrast ratio (STN)
2. Poor viewing angle (STN)
3. Poor operating temperature (STN)
4. High Power Consumption (STN & VFD)
5. Pin compatible with STN (PCB Version)
6. Green product is trend (STN & VFD)
7. Pin compatible with STN (PCB Version)
8. Green product is mainstream (STN & VFD)

Character Type OLED energy saving and low temperature operation is inherent advantages of OLED, which is the mainstream trend.

3、Advantage of Monochrome OLED

(1) The table comparison of UG-9639GLBAG01 and UG-9639TLBEG03.

Part Number UG-9639GLBAG01 UG-9639TLBEG03
Type Mononchrome Mononchrome
Diagonal Size 0.82" 0.82"
Pixel Number 96 x 39 96 x 39
Color Blue Blue
Package COG COG
Active Area (mm) 19.372 × 7.858 19.372 × 7.858
Panel Size (mm) 23.80 × 16.20 × 1.60 23.80 × 16.20 × 1.30

(2) What is the significant advantage of adopting UG-9639TLBEG03?
  1. UG-9639TLBEG03 delivers high performance and power efficiency, supported by a robust ecosystem of tools and software.
  2. A new-generation of thickness is only 1.30mm.
  3. As the Integration of single Driver IC built-in Charge Pump function, UG-9639TLBEG03 provides advantages for high-performance solution design, while reducing overall dimensions, cost and power consumption. Customer would surely a great deal of benefits by this product.
As the best PM OLED solution provider, WiseChip provides high performance and reliable PM OLED solution. With over many years of solid mass production track records in the display industry, WiseChip highly integrated, customized solution not only significantly shorten the time-to-market, enhance product competitiveness, but also bring a better overall user experience to future display developers.

More information, please contact us by e-mail here.

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