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WiseChip TOLED technology break through – Start Mass Production in 2016

WiseChip has gain stable market share rate in small-to-medium-size OLED and strongly searching demand for its flexible and TOLED displays. WiseChip has received 2015 Taiwan’s ITRI - R&D 100 Awards for its technology transfer with PCOLED.

WiseChip presents small-to-medium-size products with flexible display curvature of 40mm at 2016 Finetech Japan –World’s leading exhibition, which is top products in the PMOLED industry and caught the media focus of the day.  WiseChip will join Touch Taiwan 2016, International Smart Display & Touch Panel Exhibition, in Taipei, Taiwan from 24 to 26 August 2016.  We are going to establish multiple OLEDs technologies and applications.

TOLED means Transparent OLEDs, which can be used for displays  in HUD, near eye and even Augmented reality (AR) technology. AR is functions by enhancing one’s current perception of reality and will not affect the real world. Various technologies are used in AR rendering including optical projection systems, monitors, hand held devices, and display systems worn on the human body. Some of them can be applied in Electronic Sports and the aerospace helmet, such as Iron man AR helmet . Also, BMW has publication a motorcycle helmet head-up display at CES 2016.

WiseChip is targeting in customized TOLED with good transparency. WiseChip will publication the latest technology for wearable applied products and multiplied applications at our booth No. 019 during Touch Taiwan.

WiseChip has been focusing on flexible and transparency advanced technique and will present current PMOLED productions with minimum bend radius from 60 mm to 40mm to apply in customized hand band, medical and tool control devices.  Standard panel series from 0.33 to 5.5 inches will also be included in the exhibition.  You will see innovated products from wearable devices in watch type to plastic flexible PMOLED panels.

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