Supreme Display Solutions

TFT Display

Delivers outstanding picture quality, high resolution

Mini OLEDs

Thinner and Tiny Design.
Optical Module Solutions Available.

Monochrome / Area Color OLEDs

A display solution with unlimited potential applications

Transparent OLEDs

Clearly 180° fully viewing angles and no more color distortion

Full Color OLEDs

With a freely writable pixel area

Bendable OLEDs

The thickness is thinner than 0.3 mm which can be used on extremely thin devices

Wide Temperature Range OLEDs

Full contrast even down to -40°C

Character OLEDs

Same interface & command set as LCD

Round OLEDs

Semi-customized or fully customized OLEDs

Customized OLEDs

Providing professional and highly reliable technology to help you manufacture the unique style of products
About WSI


Semiconductor Inc. (WSI) was established in 2005 in Taiwan. WSI is PMOLED display panel supplier with more than 10 years of PMOLED production and design experience. It’s a market leader and pioneer in Monochrome OLED, Character OLED, Segment OLED, Area Color, Full Color, Custom design products, etc. WSI, headquartered in Taiwan has sales and distributors in Mainland China, Europe, U.S., Japan, Korea, Oceania and the Middle East.
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Provide solutions with the shortest time to satisfy consumers

Over 1,000 Products Available

Integral Designs

Professional Services Team

ISO 9001 - 2015 Certificate
ISO 14001- 2015 Certificate
ISO 45001 Certificate
REACH (Qulity Testing)
2015 Taiwan's ITRI R&D 100 Awards (PMOLED)
2017-2024Taiwan Excellence Awards
2023Embedded Awards
Technology Fast 500™ Asia Pacific (APAC)